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My greetings to you and you fans. Please humbly share this. It might be of a great help to someone. I humbly want to advice all the guys or men married to single mothers or dating single mother to try as much as possible to love her child as his. My dad’s past is really haunting we the kids.

When my mum got married to my dad, she already had 2 kids. He also had a daughter. Frankly speaking, my dad knew very well she had kids and promised her he was going to help take care of the kids. But after performing the marriage rites, he told her he won’t allow the kids in his home.

My half-siblings went through a lot. Even when growing up, I noticed some with my eyes. He wouldn’t give my mum enough money simply because there might be a balance left to cater for my half-siblings. They went to school with torn uniforms.

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In spite of this, my mum really hustled for them. Even after giving birth to myself and my sister with my dad, her love was with her first children than us. My mum didn’t like me and my kid sis because of how my dad treated my half-siblings.

My dad will take us out, buy us shoes, new clothes, new bags and others but none of them. Sometimes my half-bro will have to my bag to school because he had none. They went through a lot. I never knew till years later that my mum prayed against the kids she had with my dad against our prosperity.

Frankly speaking my half-siblings are doing very well in their lives. They’ve bought lands, are building their own houses and also having cars and businesses. My kid sis and I have turned into born 2 and things have been very tough for us.

My mum seems to have forgotten that she gave birth to us. She once told my dad that the pains he’s putting her through, her daughters will go though the same.

Here is the situation whereby my big sister whom my dad had with a different woman before getting married to my mum, got a good marriage but she’s also becoming mentally unstable. I have confronted my mum uncountable times but she claims she holds nothing against us.

When my mum calls my half-siblings, she speaks ill about us to them but in our presence pretends as if she loves us. This hasn’t brought peace between we siblings. They know it wasn’t our fault but if they want to help us, she will kick against it. This has made life very tough for us. We have siblings but she’s a barrier between us.

Please men, love your step children as yours so that your own children wouldn’t suffer for it in the future. Thanks

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Written by Abena Magis

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