A “Mallam” Chopped My Money


My name is Bismark and a top fan of your page. Thank you the wonderful things you’ve been doing. May God bless you.

Please I’m going through a lot psychologically and I will need some advice from your fans on what to do.

I am a mobile money vendor. I started it about a month now. In fact it was my stepdad who helped me because I was able to start.

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Now my problem is, I started this business with an amount of 800gh from my stepdad which he told me to manage because that’s what he had. About two weeks later, a friend of mine came to me saying he has a friend whom he really knows can help us. I knew the guy he was referring to though but hadn’t talked to him before.

My friend told me the guy told him that he once worked for a certain “Mallam,” a spiritual priest. This priest showed his appreciation to the guy by giving him money. So the guy told him that if he could get some amount of money for him, he could help my friend also get money by just talking to the Mallam.

My friend also came and told me what his friend had told him. He discussed it with me to see if I could get him the money and when it comes we all share. Initially I did not like the idea, which I told him.

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Later I realized the business was going down because the 800gh I started with, that was the same money I depended on to eat. Imagine if even a day you take 5gh from the same money to eat, at the end of the month you will be left with nothing. My stepdad usually gave me money at the end of every month but hmmm sometimes within two weeks then the money will be finish so I had to depend on my friends till the month ends.

I thought about what my friend told me and gave him my consent. I thought that if the priest increased the money, at least for some time, I will not depend on the business money. I gave him 400gh for the money doubling. In return we will get about 1600gh. His friend also assured us that in fact within two good hours the money will be ready.

Hmmm Auntie Abena, it’s been 3weeks now, we haven’t gotten the money. When we call the guy too, he tells us to exercise patience because the “Mallam” said he will do it for us but till now no show.

My parents think that I am working so they always call to check up on me and also how far the business is going.
Last week I had a call from my stepad asking me to render account to him because it’s been a month since started the business. I had no choice than to do it for him. In fact I lied about it. I gave him some rough account.

Now I’m not working but my parents and my stepdad think I’m working. Should in case somebody tell my Stepdad who set up the business for me,  I’m not working that will be end of my life because he is the one taking care of me though I stay alone.

This is giving me sleepless nights and psychologically it’s affecting me because it’s making me think a lot. Please what should I do? Can anybody here help out of this with some advice? I know I made a big mistake.


Written by Abena Magis

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