A Girl Made Me Take Postinor II


I need a medical advise from any medical professionals on your page or any one with similar experience.

I mistakenly ended up drinking postinor 2 and I’m scared it might affect my fertility. I had a fling with a Facebook friend that I’ve been chatting with for some time and we caught feelings for each other in the process. During the sex on her first visit last weekend, I deposited all the sperms into her because it was too sweet to withdraw. But afterwards, all attempts to get this girl to take an after pill proved futile even though she wasn’t in her safe period, with the excuse that she wouldn’t bother me even if she got pregnant.

But truth is, I’m not comfortable with turning my back on my own child if indeed it belongs to me. Worse still, I don’t even wish to have a child with her because I don’t see this going any further. So after my plea fell on deaf ears, I decided to buy postinor 2 and dissolve it in a bottle of water for her to take on her blind side. Just before I went to drop her off to pick a car back to where she came from, I took two bottles of bottled water from my fridge and dissolved the postinor 2 tablet in one of them.

On our way I kept drinking one of the bottles of water whiles encouraging her to drink more water daily because it’s good for her, and she indeed did drink. Little did I know that I was actually drinking the water with the postinor 2 in it oo Auntie Abena. I only realized it after I was about to finish the last bit and I saw some of the particles of the tablet at the bottom??‍♂️.
Kyerɛsɛ, mayɛ basaaa (I mean, I’ve been feeling so bad) since this past Tuesday.
Anyways, may God financially bless any follower who doesn’t insult me. I need help because I’m not feeling fine?

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Written by Abena Magis

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