A Ghanaian Lady I Helped Has Sacked Me From My Own Bedroom


Please I need an advice.

I have lived with my white boyfriend for 2 years now and we are PACsed (registration with your boyfriend that you live together which can give you a relationship residence permit). We lived happily together and everything was good until I allowed a Ghanaian lady into my house.

I met this Ghanaian lady who was stranded at a train station. I had seen her there for like a week at the same spot so I approached her and after talking to her, I got to know she didn’t have papers to live here and her story touched my heart. I spoke to my boyfriend and lied that she is my cousin even though she is a Fante and I am from Kwahu.

After 2 weeks of persuading my boyfriend, he accepted to help and I brought this girl to our house. I treated her as a sister and my boyfriend gave her a job contract for her to use that to apply for her residence permit. I even gave her the penalty fee she had to pay for overstaying. I got pregnant and I had a miscarriage so I was admitted at the hospital.

This girl took advantage of my absence and started having an affair with my boyfriend while I was on admission. I was surprised to find out that she took all my things to the Guest Room and she now sleeps in the same room with my boyfriend. She can even locks the kitchen and prevents me from coming to the Living Room.

I am still recovering from the miscarriage so I am a bit weak and can’t work now. I don’t have an option than to live in my room the whole day and she chooses when to give me food or allow me into the kitchen. My boyfriend sees nothing about that and he looks like he has been charmed.

Yesterday, she told him to cancel the PACsed he has done with me so that they can marry. If he does that, I won’t be able to renew my permit after July and I may have no option than to come back to Ghana.

Auntie Abena, was I wrong to help a fellow Ghanaian? I have regretted and I really want my boyfriend back. I am not a loud person. I am a bit timid and shy and don’t know how to really express myself when talking. I had never been in a relationship until I met my boyfriend and I was a virgin till 29 years. I never knew how broken heart is like till now.

I don’t want this issue to slide and I don’t want any “leave it to God” issue. I need help on how to get my boyfriend back. I need this charm on him to go away. I need an advice. Sorry for the long post.

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Written by Abena Magis

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