A Desperate Wife Needs Answers


Kindly help me post my story anonymously. I’m slowly dying inside and I can’t deal with this anymore because I have no one to talk to since I don’t do friends that much and also can’t trust people. I have been married to my husband for 3 years auntie Abena with a 2 year old son and also pregnant at the moment.

Before God Almighty and man, my husband is a very good man to me. Auntie Abena he claims he loves me so much to the extent that he showers me with luxury and everything I ask for. He has never made me lack anything in this life and glory be to God he own a very successful business and doing so well that he is very well to do. I have been using the latest iPhone for the past 3 years, even if the older one is not spoilt he replaces with the newest model and I even have a car of my own which he bought for me.

He takes us on vacations, cooks for us to eat even when I am doing nothing at home, tells me everything about his finances, where he saves and how much money he has in his accounts, trust me he’s a very transparent and good man. He plays with the kids and and myself when he is at home, respects my decision in fact everything a good man can ever do for his wife and has never turned me down on anything I have ever asked him for. Not boasting with the iphone and car please but I just want readers to know who he is in order to get their honest opinions.

Auntie Abena my problem is that I caught him cheating on me. I confronted him and threatened to divorce him and he apologized. He even called his mum and dad who are outside the country to apologize to me and promised to turn a new leaf. I just discovered that he is still cheating on me and even still in contact with the ladies I asked him to cut ties with but he completely thinks I don’t know about it since I am also pretending not to know about.

He deletes his chats and call logs with them so I don’t find out and even secretly meets some of them but God being so good I find out one way or the other. I have the contacts of all the ladies he is cheating on me with and I am always tempted to call and talk to them hoping they might end it with him since they all know he is married but I have just not convinced myself enough to do so. He always keeps telling me he has changed but I know he hasn’t and still doing the same thing.

Please help advise a sister on what to do because I cry almost every single day asking myself why my husband does such things to me and still claims to love me and also the steps to take to end his cheating habits.
Apologies if I said anything boastful. It’s just a desperate woman who needs advice. Thanks and God bless you all.

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Written by Abena Magis

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