A Best Friend’s Betrayal 2 [+ Screenshots]


Good afternoon to you and your lovely family.

Yesterday you posted my younger brother’s Best Friend Betrayal story where he caught her in bed with his best friend.

I didn’t know the lady (ex- fiancee) is a member of your noble family. She read the story and sent me a suprise message. Immediately she mentioned her name, I knew who she was.

She apologized for what happened in the past between she and my brother.

So I told her we have nothing against her. It’s in the past anyway.

She apologized for it’s too late so I told her to move on.

I showed the chats to my brother. His only reaction was to say “hmmm.” Anyway he joined your platform this morning.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Tell your brother to take heart ….is really not easy to love again after a betrayel…..some of this ladies are the cause some of us don’t get a good man to be with n are still single hoping that one day luck will nock on our door… is indeed not fair hmmm

A Best Friend’s Betrayal

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