66 Year Old Man Dies in a Hotel Room, Lover Absconds

A 66 year old man has died in a hotel room at Effiduase off Akwadum road in the Eastern Region. The man who checked in with a young lady was found alone and the lover believed to have absconded after he died. On his bed were a viagra pill, dragon spray among others.

According to a report by My News Ghana, the man drove to the guest house with a red Toyota Corolla with the registration number ER 1614-17 on Saturday 19th December. He was given room number 40 to lodge in with his lover presumed to be aged 25 for the night.

On Sunday, the receptionist wanted to clean the room and after her knocks on the door were ignored, opened the room and found the man dead. His personal effects included a red bag containing the personal clothes of the deceased including some regalia and a black handbag containing cash the sum of GH¢2000.00 were also found.

When the police arrived at the scene and on inspection, they reportedly found several medicines, including one viagra for men container with one capsule, deep heat spray, unirob polar ice, bendroflumethiazide tablets and several other used tablets in a bag. The deceased was foaming on the mouth with no visible marks of violence on him.

His body has since been moved to St Joseph’s Hospital Morgue for preservation and autopsy while a police investigation is underway to trace the identity of his run away lover.

Efforts are also ongoing to identify the family of William Agyei to assist the police in investigations.

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Written by Abena Magis

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