3 Musketeers but Two are Cheating


My friends want to make me go mad ooo. I’m sorry if this becomes a long story but I desperately need a lot of opinions in order to address this issue right.

Auntie Abena, I have two friends, E n C (full names withheld because it’s sensitive) Both are Nigerians, we all went the same Uni in Ghana and became three musketeers. Both are from wealthy families back home so back in school they used to travel a lot during every vacation.

They even combined to take me along during two of the (vacs) Dubai and Antalya, they are both good guys. Both are not serious about anything in the world, nothing tickles them and we all did our fair share of women but “C” is a different monster when it comes to women.

Fast forward to after school was done, they left to live in London while I was trying it out here in Ghana. We were surprised and happy when “C” said he’s getting married. Finally the foolishness will go down and after the wedding all went down well at least with me.

During our vacation in Antalya, “E” met a girl from London and they’ve been kicking it on and that influenced his decision to settle in London. Since 2018 “E” had been trying to marry his girl but she keeps giving him excuses from education to family to whatever she can use as an excuse, his girlfriend is from Guyana and Senegal.. “E” was frustrated for sometime but suddenly to me he seemed not to care again.

I got married too and decided and decided nothing was left for me in Ghana since I got my friends, my wife, my mum and siblings were all in London so I relocated to London few years ago. We have been enjoying our lives together traveling with our partners at any given chance, we normally go to “C” house on Sundays for barbecue and anytime we go I’ve realized that “E” will be talking and overplaying with “c” wife, sometimes she makes remarks like “if I had known I’ve married you instead of this prick” and we all laugh, sometimes he slaps her ass but we never thought anything of it. Recently I was holding “E’ phone after we decided to do cook for us challenge, I decided to flip through his videos and pictures then I saw a silhouette challenge of “C” wife on the phone but brushed it off.

Someone might ask what concerns me but we’ve got businesses together and we’ve been friends for close to 11 years.

Written by Abena Magis

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