10 Year Old Boy Defiles Girl, 5


Yesterday something terrible happened in the area where I stay and I’m feeling bad for the child who was the victim. I would like to share it so that parents who do that can be very careful. There was a rape case between a 10 year old boy and a girl of about 5 years old. This is how it went.

The mother of the boy left him at home and went to visit her parents who happen to live nearby. They live in a compound house and there are other children living over there too. Confirmed reports indicates that the mother baths with this 10 year old boy. She even allows him to smear pomade on her body, dresses in front of him after bathing (being naked). Takes the child to “awoshia” (stay overnight at her boyfriend’s house) and all.

The mother told her friends all these and isn’t shy about it as she thinks it’s the best. And this woman isn’t the slim type too oo.
She’s fat, tall and a little bit fair so imagine what the boy goes through. They live in a single room with a closed porch.

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So yesterday the victim’s mother was preparing food while her child was playing outside with this boy. It was a normal thing so she didn’t really think anything about it. But after preparing the meal, she couldn’t find her daughter on the compound. It was around 3 getting to 4 o’clock thereabouts.

She decided to check inside the woman’s room to see if her baby was there and that’s where she found this horrific scene. The 10 year old boy had lifted the girl up from the floor closer to his chest and f*cking her. The mother screamed when she saw this, entered and pulled her daughter away. She checked and saw traces of blood in the girl’s panty mixed with whitish fluid which might be from the boy.

When she angrily confronted his mother about they taking the child to the police station to get a letter before they go to the hospital, she said they should rather take the child to the hospital first to get treated before they take her to the police station.

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Instead of the mother to be sober and accept the fact that she has failed as a mother, she was rather angry at the girl’s mother for creating a scene out of this. That this is children case so the girl’s mother should calm down. The girls mother took the child through the two procedures and when they returned from the hospital, it was confirmed that there’s a hole in the child’s vagina with a sore there.

This morning, the boy’s mother and step dad said the son hasn’t killed a human being so there’s nothing to beg for. I’m scared for the baby girl and how she’ll be traumatized as this can ruin her.
She might lose her self confidence.

My advice to parents is to always be on the lookout for their kids and never trust any kid around them.

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Written by Abena Magis

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